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Thursday, July 28, 2005


It's the night before my exam and I pretty much don't care. I love chardonnay!

Um, so the elevator in my building smells like feet. Seriously. I really get annoyed when I step on with some dude who had on WAY too much cologne. I am even more annoyed getting on an elevator in which there are no people, but their scent lingers...especially if their scent smells like feet.

My work sent me a fruit basket today. It was a good luck on exams thing. I realize that's a normal law firm thing to do and all, but I still felt special. It may have been a "pity" fruit basket considering the rest of the summer associates spent the evening at dinner and a show in NYC and I spent mine at school prepping for final exam from hell. Either way, it was tasty. I walked upstairs and brought my property professor an apple. Remember in the old days when students used to bring teachers apples? Yeah, me neither. I was just really trying to dole out as much fruit as possible because the damn basket was heavy. Not to mention, it's not like anyone can claim bringing the teacher an apple in law school makes you a suck up. (yeah...readers who witnessed this, I know you were thinking it!)
Seriously, though, law school exams are graded anonymously. Besides, I am so far from the pointy grade in this class, no amount of fruit can help me!

I really wish the people downstairs yelling would shut up! Don't you realize I am trying to have some peace and quiet on my balcony listening to the humming of the air conditioner above my head?

I found a really good parking spot right in front of my building. Good, except that I have to get up to move my car at 8am. That's early. However, it will not be as early as I have to get up on Friday. The day after my exam (which means the day after heavy alcohol consumption after my exam)...I have to be at work for 7:30 to spend an entire day doing "Buildable Hours" in the D.C. heat. I am so excited. Really. I spend the entire summer missing things like happy hours, welcome receptions, bowling nights, etc...but, I can be there to stand outside, presumably extremely hungover, for SEVEN hours in the worst heat wave DC has ever seen. If any of my classmates are reading this and you feel the need to throw me down a flight of stairs after the exam tomorrow, please do:-)

I don't know how to cut a pineapple. Sorry to keep going back to the fruit basket, but I have never gotten a basket full of fruit before. It's always flowers or balloons (if it's anything). Now, I get fruit. That's cool...except I don't know how to cut a pineapple.

I did my OCI bids today. HAHAHA. And that is all I have to say about that. "How did I narrow down which firms I should grace with my interviewing presence" you ask? I will tell you...I walked into the office of my next door neighbor at work and said "okay, D, I am going to read you some firm names and either smile or frown...whatever pops in your mind first." Disclaimer: this is SO NOT an exaggeration. With the exception of about six firms I think might actually work for me next summer, I actually let a co-worker choose the rest for me. Especially since the people who read this who are not in law school keep saying "what the hell is OCI"? Patience my friends, let me figure out what the hell a fee simple subject to condition subsequent is first. You know, of all of the archaic property terms, that one is my favorite. Mostly because for the love of God, I cannot say it. Aloud. Correctly. Oh well.

Next week is my last week of work. Shit, I need to book a flight to Houston. Yeah, since it is not hot enough here for me, I figure I'll head down south. Next Friday we are taking a "sailing" trip, traveling aboard the schooner that was used in Wedding Crashers. Maybe I should see the movie. I just dictionary.com'd the word schooner to make sure I am spelling it right and found it also can mean "A large beer glass, generally holding a pint or more." That's pretty cool.

Okay, my glass of wine is empty. I'm going to bed.