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Friday, August 12, 2005

Blogging from the homestead

Well, my time in Baton Rouge has almost ended as I am about to pick up the rental car and head to Houston. I would whine about the heat here, and there, and in between, but I hear it's actually hotter in D.C. right now. Although I was sick my whole time in LA, it was nice to relax and catch up on reading.

My mom threw a dinner party last night and had some folks over to the house for some good food and card-playing. She actually warned them in advance "watch what you say and do because Law-Rah is probably looking for blog-worthy material." HA. Now, Mother, did you not think I got enough material in my time here? Really? People here shop for their groceries at Wal-Mart. Some don't even get dressed to do it. (I actually did see a woman in her boxers - well, maybe hers!) Not to mention, that lady at the restaurant that offered her daughter crystal light "on the go" packets for her water so she could make her own lemonade. And my favorite was when I requested my family bring some cold medicine to the restaurant so I could pop a pill before dinner. Not only did they bring alka seltzer and ask the waiter for an extra water, but I embarrassingly downed the fizzy orange drink as my younger brother chanted "chug chug" as the restaurant looked on. Seriously, do you think I need more than that to give people a taste of the south?

So, I am off to H-town to spend time with the most precious girls in the world. I will be returning to D.C. on Tuesday evening if anyone wants to pick me up from the airport:-) Hint Hint.