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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Welcome dinner

Last night was our big summer associate welcome dinner (not to be confused with the welcome happy hour, welcome reception, or welcome lunches.) A group of about twenty (five of us summers) went to Zaytina for dinner and drinks (or perhaps drinks with a little dinner.) We had a good mix of partners, associates, and us young-uns. More importantly, it was all the fun people. Of course, everyone is fun in their own way:-) But I'm talking about 'partner who has a few glasses of wine and starts talking about dancing around poles' kinda fun. It is always easier to get to know people when there are multiple bottles of wine involved.

The design of the restaurant includes one long table down the center of the first floor to hold larger parties. I have been to Zaytina a few times and every time I have noticed the obnoxious folks at that table. Last night, we were those obnoxious folks. Partially due to the wine, partially due to a table of 20 lawyer types, but mostly due to the rotation of summer associates. They wanted each of us to get the opportunity to chat with everyone at the table, which meant every so often, we had to rotate. Talk about annoy the wait staff! We actually would pick up our plates and drinks and move over a few seats. About three rounds in, so much alcohol had been consumed that we gave up on that. (Rather, we told partner-in-charge that we had already rotated everywhere and she just didn't notice.) I admit that the rotation did serve its purpose, as we got to have conversations with others we would not have otherwise.

Once dinner was over, all the summers went out drinking and dancing. One associate came with us, which was nice...mostly because she brought with her the approval of partner-in-charge for the firm to continue picking up the tab for the rest of the evening. I've never had so much fun bar-hopping. We asked associate what was our budget and she said "I was told to use my judgement." Good times...did not take long for her judgment to become a bit impaired. I have to say that the funniest part of all of this is that I just read this post last week and thought it was a joke!