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Sunday, January 30, 2005


An amazing thing happened yesterday. For the first time in fifty years, freed Iraqi people were allowed to voice their opinions in the form of voting in a free election. These people risked their lives to line up at the polling locations. Hearing insurgent gun shots in the distance did not inhibit them from casting their ballots. The hours and hours of waiting in lines and getting through security only made the anticipation grow. Many Iraqi voters actually dressed up in their Sunday best on this important day. For the first time ever, they did not have to sign in blood to show loyalty to sadam. They were voting in a real election where there voice would be heard. This act was a freedom that most Iraqis never thought they would see. Some cast their ballots in memory of family members they lost to sadam. Some cast them to the loved ones who have died fighting for their freedom. Some did it for themselves. Regardless of their reasons, they voted because they wanted this. Grown men wept tears of joy after casting their ballots. Women rejoiced. This freedom that most of them have been dreaming of for years is a freedom we take for granted every day. Looking back on our election day this year, I had ‘friends’ who actually did not vote because they ‘really didn’t care who won.’ Considering these people were willing to risk their lives to vote when some of our own didn’t want to stand outside in the cold…perhaps the appreciation for this freedom is something we cannot understand. I am not saying that I am happy with the bloodshed and lost lives we have had to endure in this war. But, I challenge anyone to look into the eyes of a single person that stood in those lines yesterday and tell them that nothing good has come out of America stepping in.

Faryid Ayar said. "[Terrorists] directed a message to us: the message of killing. And we directed to them the message of elections and freedom and democracy."