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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Blog identity crisis...

While blogging can certainly be used for comic relief, it can also serve other purposes. I have read a few blogs lately that have brought me to tears in an instant. It may sound corny, but there is something comforting about blogging (both writing and reading other people's blogs.) When I first started doing this, I wondered if it was a cop-out on communicating with the real world. I already spend so much time alone reading law stuff, why would I want to spend even more time alone typing or reading other's blogs? Let's see just how alone I can make myself feel. Today, I realized that reading other's blogs opens so many doors to people and feelings not admitted to in the real world. It is undeniable that the majority of the population is more articulate and honest in writing than they are in spoken words. Furthermore, a journal is for thoughts and innermost fears and feelings. I have written in journals my whole life but this is the first time I have ever ALLOWED anyone to read it. That knowledge has definitely shaped and limited my writing.

I realized that I have been living through my blog the same way I live through my days, using jokes and sarcasm to cover up my real thoughts. While I have no intention of letting go of that sarcasm, I have made a decision to utilize this outlet for the reason I originally intended: for me. I am writing this for me, not you (although I love you:-)

So, I want to give MAJOR PROPS to Energy Spatula for her Epiphany I have always been a fan of E.Spat, as she is one of the more amazing writers I have ever read (especially in the blogging world.) I have also enjoyed reading her because I detect much of the same sarcasm and cynicism that I am way too familiar with in my life. But this post of hers goes above and beyond. To write about your own feelings and thoughts and be able to touch so many people in an instant is a pretty admirable trait. Thanks E.Spat, your honesty and eloquance is more appreciated than you know!