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Sunday, August 28, 2005

And so it begins...

...again! I know that technically I had class last week, but it was only one class (two days and I skipped one of them) so I will just pretend I was still on "vacation" last week. Tomorrow, I start for REAL. New highlighters have been purchased; my lock is firmly on my locker; my syllabi have been printed; IPod updated with good study music; $ added to my GWorld card so I can hit the diet cokes in the vending machines and my behind is planted firmly in a corner table at school. I guess there is just no getting around it now. School is back in!

I am taking some really cool classes this semester, so I am a bit excited about that. From reading about drunk & cocaine-induced jury deliberations to Martha Stuart to whether the US should be able to exclude countries from contracts in Iraq if they did not stand behind us in the war, this should prove to be an interesting semester.

I must say that I think it is really cute how all the 1L's have found their comfortable quiet little spaces to study in the lounge areas. Too bad that will not last considering these areas will soon be transformed back the zoo-like atmosphere of "face-time" and keg-stands that are merely a few of the staples of law school life. Ahh, so good to be back.