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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Talk about suits

In such a dressed-up city, lately I have felt everything around me is being defined by fashion. I had an interview this morning, for which I had to purchase a suit. Co-worker walked in and said "wow, you look beautiful." Of course, being female, I took this to mean I am normally ugly. Thanks alot! Why does me in a suit make a difference? I'm still working as a receptionist. What exactly does this suit mean?

I guess suits mean different things in different context:
Our annual Law School Prom (otherwise known as Barrister's Ball) is this Friday. There are gentlemen in my section who are not going solely out of fear of dressing up. Calm down my friends, we all still know you are of the "causal slacker" persuasion even if you have on a coat and tie. In this case, a suit means nothing except that you paid $50 to go to a fancy hotel and drink all night.

We have oral arguments next week, for which we need to wear a suit. (To quote our dean's fellow "men wear suits, women wear the female equivalent." Not sure what that means, but I assume he is not referring to the sexy bunny suit leftover from Halloween.) Anyway, in this context, the suit means nothing than "oh, you have your oral argument tonight." It means we take it seriously our Dean's Fellow who stands up front in an oversized judge's robe.

To mom's co-worker, C, a suit apparently invoked some mixed emotions. You see, they work for an organization that does grant writing to fund programs in underdeveloped countries. C had a really important meeting with some really important people asking them for money. Although it was 'jeans Friday', C got all spiffed up in a suit to show her seriousness and respect. Well, the lady actually told her she didn't think C should be asking for any money since she obviously already had money judging by her suit. When C met with them the following week, she decided her SWEATSUIT would portray a better image.

Okay, well, there is a $60 suit sale next door, so I'm going shopping!