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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The stress of performing...

Everyone handles stress differently. In fact, I think we each handle differently at different times in our life. I promised myself that I would not let stress overcome me this time. I think so far, I am doing pretty well. Granted...I look like hell, haven't worn make-up in days, I think I showered yesterday (not positive), I have eaten nothing but crap for 10 days, haven't been sleeping a full night, and as of yesterday, I think I reached a "loopiness" I didn't know to be possible. When I stress, I clean and my room looks pretty damn good right now! Considering right before the LSAT, I got put in the emergency room due to stress...I would say I'm a little better off now. (And, I have not had a cigarette - haven't even really wanted one!)

Today is different anyway. I am pretty excited about tonight. I have been learning and studying all semester. This is a great way for me to gague how well (or poorly) ...nah, how well I have done. It's kind of sick, but I am so curious to see those six questions. For weeks now, I have been trying to figure out what he will ask on the test to ensure that I prepare for it. Now, I will actually find out! I am viewing this as my final performance. I spent all this time learning the lines and getting into character. Now, is time to walk across that stage and strut my stuff.

Okay, all of this is really a front for a more important reason why I am not TOO stressed out. We have a freaking B+ curve! This means that the majority of our class will get a 3.33 GPA this semester. Now, for the select few that will go home crying with that...I don't like you. For the rest of us, I am MORE than content with that. In fact, that's higher than my undergrad GPA and I still got into a damn good school. In a normal setting, one would say "what's the worse that can happen" and an answer would be "you fail." Here...the answer is "a B". HAHAHA...I can so deal with that. Plus, I am booking on Prof. bumping my grade up a 1/2 letter due to class participation. (Okay, maybe not booking on it, but praying for it.)

All this considered, I got a pretty good night's sleep last night (aside from a 2:30am phone call from high school boyfriend), had a good breakfast, polished and re-printed my outline, cleaned my room again, and will now shower before heading to school. Hope I can keep this up through the exam:-) I will let ya know how it turns out.

To any of my classmates reading this: BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!