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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm "outing" myself

Here goes: I have decided to become a runner.

Yep, I had one of those "I've found something I want to accomplish, I'm up for the challenge, and come hell or high water, I will get this done!" moments. And in that moment, I decided that I want to become a runner. Truth be told, the moment was over two weeks ago. It has just taken me this long to (a) get on track with this, (b) decide to out myself to others, and (c) sit down and write.

You might ask why, after such a blogging hiatus, I come back with this - something that an average person may think is just be no big deal. Well, dear readers (the few remaining), this is actually quite a big deal for me for a few reasons. First off, I don't run. I have never run. In fact, I have always hated running. I can still recall the days of middle school softball practice when coach would make us run around the field and every time he looked away, I'd start walking. Oh yeah, I showed him.

Another reason for "outing" myself is that I need to do it this way. I need to "put it out there" for others to see. In a somewhat nonsensical way, that will make me keep it up. Much like the melodramatic fashion in which I threw that empty pack of cigarettes down on the table and told everyone around: "I'm done! I will never smoke again," I am now telling everyone "I have decided to become a runner." (Incidentally, yesterday marked five years to the day that I threw that empty pack down:-) Anyway, if I were to just mumble "eh, I think I'll try running" then the first roadblock may very well result in giving up with a "yeah, that sucked, perhaps I'll try knitting." On the other hand, if I tell people, then it becomes real. (nod to Bug) Then, not only do I have a support system but I have people I gotta be accountable to and such. And yes, I know this is not the way I should think about accomplishments, but it has worked for me so far in life. (And yes, mom, I can see you rolling your eyes from here.)

Anyway, I'm on week 3 now and am actually still into this. Granted, I am nowhere near being an actual runner yet, but I have two fantastic running sponsors who will help me get there. This lady sent me a great link to a training program called "couch to 5k" which will be a big help for a non-runner like myself. Last night, I had dinner with my other running sponsor to talk running (among other things). She reminisced with me about her earlier days of running, which was what I needed to hear.

I should also give a nod to my LSBFF (law school best friend forever) who doesn't know this, but she is the reason for my latest endeavor. I have watched what running has done for her in this last year and she has inspired me. Plus, when she came in town a few weeks ago and would go running with another friend of ours and I would sit on my sofa cuddled up with Killer...I felt pretty lazy and left out.

So there it is folks, I have decided to become a runner.